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《Xinhua News》 Report about our factory.
Issue Time:2019-12-03

  《Xinhua News》 Report about our factory.

July 31 of 2012,time: 23:03 Source: XinhuaNetReporter: Chunnan Yang,Yi Chen, Gailei Wang

65% Chartered  products of LondonOlympics were manufactured in China,“ Made in China”occupies the industrial chain end in the world.

XinhuaNet in Guangzhou on July 31 (Reporter: Chunnan Yang, YiChen,Gailei Wang) “Although 700 thousand string products are small, theyrepresent the image of ‘Made in China’,we daren’t have the slightest careless about the quality of the products.”Theproducts of Dongguan Zhanhong Weaving String Co.,Ltd which is located in Shatian Town,Dongguan city were utilized by tensof thousands of athletes and staff of London Olympics.

On July 31, the reporter had an interview with Dongguan which has thereputation of “World’s factory”, many excellent products of “Made in China” are flowingout of Dongguan city continuously and reaching around the world.

CEO (Jieming Chen) ofDongguan Zhanhong Weaving String Co.,Ltd said:“We undertook the mission ofproducing 700 thousand strings for Olympics and Paralympics. A small silkstring contains various cumbersome processes, such as purchasing rawsilk,bleaching and dyeing, weaving, printing, sewing, cutting, levelling etc ”.

Most proud thing forJieming Chen is the company has obtained orders from the agent authorized by OlympicOrganizing Committee. “ The company doesn’t depend on price advantage to defeatthe competitors, but the strict quality management and mass productionadvantages etc.” In past years, Zhanhong has supplied the products for SouthAfrica World Cup, Germany World Cup etc, with good reputation.”

     Estimated by London Olympic OrganizingCommittee, 65% Chartered  products ofLondon Olympics were manufactured in China,19% were from Turkey, 4%were from the Philippines.In addition, India, Vietnam, Indonesia,Thailand, Pakistan, Germany, Poland etc also produced someChartered  products of Olympics.

  However, an assemblyman of USA publishedsome remarks about rejecting “ Made in China”, causing the discontents ofnumerous enterprises in Dongguan city ( developed area) and their staff whichbelong to export-oriented economy. Recently several assemblymen of Republicansand Democrats of USA launched an attack towards Olympic Committee of USAtogether, opposed that the delegation of USA weared the Olympic suits of “Madein China” to attend the Olympic Games.

 Deputy president Yaofei Xiao of InternationalEconomic and Trade Research Center of Guangdong University of Foreign Studiesconsidered, with the speeded integration of world’s economy, the degree ofinterdependence among different economies is deepening gradually. “ among allthe Chinesegarments which were attacked, Chinese enterprises became official suppliersafter strict bidding  & screening,undertook the work of apparel manufacturing sector, but the products’ designswere from American companies, which represented the mode of labor division forworld’s manufacture.”

     Regarding the attack of USA for “ Made in China”, Mingxun Li, Representativeof Human secret department of Samsung SDICo., Ltd. of Dongguan surprisedly said : “ Incredible, hard to understand!”

     He took up a style of Samsung mobiletelephone, opened the rear case to take out the battery and show to thereporter :” for this style of Samsung intelligent mobile telephone of Gallaxyseries, LED touch screen is manufactured in Dongguan city of Guangdongprovince, the case is manufactured in Taiwan, other parts are from South Koreanand Vietnam etc areas, lastly it finishes the assembly in Huizhou city ofGuangdong province or in Tianjin city. In my view, ‘Made in China’undertakes the important link of the industrial chain of ‘ World’smanufacture’.”  

     This enterprise which lies in High-tech Industrial Park, Houjie town, Dongguancity is the largest manufacturer of CRT in the world at present. Nowadaysnearly 98% high-end AM-OLED products in the market are from this enterprise.

    Moreover Apple MobileTelephone which is very popular all over the world is manufactured by Chinese Foxconn, and its brand is from USA. So in acertain sense, rejecting “Made in China”means rejecting “Made in USA”.During the period some scholars showed their position and couldn’t understandthe resentment at “ Made in China”in USA.They considered, in past 30 years, the policy of Reform and Opening made China convert from original closed country intoan open country, while USAfalls back regarding freedom trade.

Jianbo Fang, deputy director of Foreign Trade Bureau of Dongguan Citysaid: “ ‘Made in Dongguan’even ‘ Made in China’ only is a kind of processingtrade, so in general there’s a view in theory of China that nowadays globalmanufacture firstly is a kind of trade appearance, then due to traderelationship, convert global manufacture into common manufacture of severalcountries, likewise ‘ Made in China’ also is converted into global manufacture.Therefore we can say, rejecting ‘ Made in China’ means rejecting freedomtrade!”

However, China doesn’twin high profits from the value chain although “ Made in China” gains recognitionall over the world. Yaofei Xiao said, large export country doesn’t mean strongtrade country. “ We should know, many foreign companies only assemble the partsin China,which has low added value in profit chain, but the core technology, appearancedesign and materials are from foreign countries, which have high addedvalue.” 

“ It’s necessary for economic division that ‘ Made in China’ comesinto the global economic integration. Chinahas labor force management and deployment etc advantages, as well as flexible employmentsystem and good technical support etc ‘ Soft Powers’, and China necessarilybecomes an important and indispensable part of global trade.” Yaofei Xiao said.


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伦敦奥运65%特许商品产自中国 美多位议员发难


2012年07月31日23:03新华网杨春南 陈冀 王凯蕾

伦敦奥运65%特许商品产自中国 “中国制造”仅居世界产业链末端

新华网广州7月31日电(记者 杨春南 陈冀 王凯蕾)“70万根吊带产品虽小,却代表着‘中国制造’的形象,我们对产品的质量不敢有半点马虎。”位于东莞沙田镇的展宏织带有限公司,其产品被伦敦奥运会数以万计的运动员和工作人员使用。



















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