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KN95 Protective Masks manufacturer

KN95 Protective Masks manufacturer

KN95 Protective Masks manufacturer
KN95 Protective Masks manufacturerKN95 Protective Masks manufacturerKN95 Protective Masks manufacturerKN95 Protective Masks manufacturerKN95 Protective Masks manufacturer
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Brandzhanhong lanyards
brand nameKN95 Protective Masks manufacturer
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SIZE10 cm *17.5 cm * 20cm
packageindividually or as customzied
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Update Time2020-08-05
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KN95 Protective Masks manufacturer

Recently,we experience COVID-19 ( novel coronavirusdisease) together, which is unexpected accident. We deeply feel that nobody canstand by in front of the disaster. Confronting such unexpected accident, weneed be more flexible, adapt the changing situation, to provide good servicefor our customers continuously. 

Themasks become hot-sale article in the epidemic and occupy very importantposition in preventing and controlling the novel coronavirus disease. In manycountries, people can’t buy any mask at drug store. Even in some countriespeople must hold the doctor’s order to buy the masks with very limitedquantity.

Upon the request of our old customers, wewould like to help them buy masks in China and export to their countries. Wefind some regular mask manufacturers with large-scale, and quickly establishthe cooperation relationship with these mask manufacturers, which haveaccumulated much experience in mask export and won praise from the customers,also enhanced our confidence in them.

Because the export formalities of medicalmasks are very complex, the masks purchased by us belong to Civilian masks ,but they are produced by the manufacturers which are qualified to producemedical masks, hence, these civilian masks are produced fully in accordancewith the materials & procedures of medical masks, there are 3 layers, outertwo layers are non-woven fabrics, and the middle layer is melt-blown fabrics,so they own the same effect in effective filtering to bacteria as the commonmedical masks. There’s only one difference between civilian masks and medicalmasks which have more one procedure of sterilization process of ethylene oxide.The annexed files are the photos & report as well as certificate etc ofmasks.

 Now the common package (in stock) is50pcs/box. If you requires to change the package of 10pcs/bag, or you wish toadd your own mother tongue in words, we can meet with your requirements as longas you add a little cost (about several cents usd per piece) , and wait formore several days for printing & packing. If the package has no special requirementand we use the current package, we can deliver you within one week even if thelarge quantity (hundreds of thousands of masks) is required.

Aswe know well, now the masks are very difficult to buy all over the world, itloses the balance between supply and demand, and the price is very high. By farChina’s epidemic has become better and better, but the masks also are verydifficult to buy, and the price is also very high. Maybe the mask price willfall later. We promise, if the supplier’s mask becomes cheaper, we are sure toreduce our price for you.

Ifyou are interested in non-contact thermometer, protective clothing, goggles,disposable gloves, hand sanitizer (No wash), disinfectant water (among them,there’s a kind of sterile water with nozzle in small bottle, it’s easy to placeit in your vehicle, no explosive risk like alcohol) etc protective stuff, wewould like to provide them for you.

As long as you are ready to pay the courierfee, we can offer you the free sample (except thermometer).For thermometer, we must receive the payment, and then we will send you thesample. For any inquiry, please feel free to contact us anytime. Thanks a lot !

Theattached files are the photos & information of masks for your reference.


Apologize for any interruption ! 










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