we purchased the land of 13,000 square meters to haveour self-built modern standard workshop with more than 20,000 square meters.

Office Building

Garden Plant Real Scenery

 We have our own first and second face masks workshop, dyeing, weaving, embroidering, silk-printing, heat-transferringand assembly department. All manufacturing processes are done on site at ourown factory.





Dyeing Workplace

Weaving strap workplace

Weaving strap workplace 2

Computer Jacquard Workplace

Computer Jacquard Workplace 2

Braiding Workplace

Braiding Workplace 2

Silk Printing Workplace

Silk Printing Workplace 2

Silk Printing Workplace 3

Heat-transferring worklace

Fitting Workplace

Sewing Workplace

Fitting Workplace

Shoelaces Ending Workplace

Laboratory and Needle Testing Machine