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We decide to start mask production line!

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We decide to start mask production line!

Issue Time:2020-04-10

We decide to start mask production line! 

Dear Valuable Customers, 

With the spread of international pandemic, manycustomers show rising enthusiasm in masks. In order to meet your demand, weofficially decide to start mask production line right now. After over one monthcooperation with Mask supplier as a professional mask manufacturer with ourdecade accumulated friendship , we decide to have a strategic cooperation withShenzhen Hezheng Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hezheng IndustrialDevelopment and its affiliates own a complete industry chain of medical mask& civil respirator with production qualification, including three grades--medical surgical masks, common medical masks and common civil masks. No matterplain mask or vertical KN95 mask, Shenzhen Hezheng has rich productionexperience. For plain mask, the daily capacity can reach 800 thousand masks.The products are mainly supplied for government and large-scale groups , so thequality is praised often in this industry. Besides of China’s business license,production qualification and test report etc, Hezheng company and itsaffiliates also own CE & FDA certificates. Our company will reform aworkshop (around 2000 m2 area) for purification and put into cooperation withHezheng Industrial Development Company, we jointly invest the production linesof plain masks & vertical KN95 masks ( belong to civil masks). In the nextstage, we will further upgrade Class 100,000 sterile clean workshop to producemedical masks etc. We estimate that the first production line will put intowork by April 10. With the strategic cooperation with Hezheng IndustrialDevelopment Company and the mature technology & professional equipment fromHezheng company as well as our new production lines, we are sure to provide themost competitive price, quickest delivery & most stable quality for all ofour customers. The attached files are our power of attorney granted by HezhengIndustrial Development Company (We are the first-level business agent ofHezheng Industrial Development Company ) and our latest quotation for yourreference. We have no requirement for MOQ. No matter large quantity or smallquantity, we are ready to offer service for you. Of course, the large quantitytends to obtain most competitive price, please contact our salesmen orsaleswomen directly.